Posted by: atowhee | April 7, 2013


BUSHTITS (1280x960)There were five–including some newly fledged–Bushtits on our porch this evening. They were sitting on the still-leafless wisteria vine, under the eave, out of the rain. Individuals would come and go from the perch. I had no way of telling if the adults were part of the line-up on the vine.

The adult birds have been in our garden and at the suet feeders regularly the past few weeks. When you see only one or two Bushtits you know nesting is going on. Otherwise they are in groups, often 20 or more together.P1530849 (1280x960)P1530843 (1280x960) I suspect their habit of sitting shoulder to shoulder has to do with sharing and conserving body heat in inclement weather. Whole flocks of Bushtits are known to share a cavity roost at night to share warmth. Thus they can survive sub-freezing and wet winters.


  1. Harry, I had no idea our small birds were making whoopie I guess in Feb.? When will my lesser goldfinches get “aroused”? m a

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