Posted by: atowhee | March 23, 2013


pale goose1

pale goose2 This goose is apparently a Greater White-fronted. But it is not the same dark brown as the other thousands of geese with which it is migrating throuygh the Klamath Basin, What is the full story here?

This bird does not look like any inages I’ve found of GWF hybrids with Snow Goose. Could it be hybrid with barnyard white goose? Is it simply a first year bird that has not molted into darker adult plumage yet?

The goose I saw does resemble some online photos of birds labelled luecistic but I have no way to confirm the validity of those oneloine labels and BNA makes no mention of luecistic GWFGs in its species account. For now the bird stands in my mind as a blond Greater White-front…

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