Posted by: atowhee | March 23, 2013


Cranes have danced across the meadows and marshes of our planet Earth for tens of millions of years, despite what some Republican Senators might want to believe. Cranes we know were not born yesterday, not even merely 4000 years ago, Over the eons they have evolved their elegant, sometimes subtle, movements into lyrical communications between and among cranes. Behold these fine photos taken at White Lake in Klamath NWR by Peter Thiemann. May the dance continue.DC 4

DC 5

DC 6

DC 7

DC 8

DC 9

DC 10
My favorite gesture is the grabbing of a stick (in the beak/spade) and then tossing it into the air. A courtly “whoopee” if ever there was…


  1. Love these crane photos… thanks so much!

  2. Beautiful.

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