Posted by: atowhee | March 3, 2013


I have several upcoming events that may interest birders here and thereabouts.
In Ashland I will be teaching a class on Birding I-5, a tie-in with my newly published FREEWAY BIRDING book. It’ll be at Ashland Park’s North Mountain Park Nature Center, so you can contact them to register. There are some seats left.

March 12th I have a book signing and presentation sponsored by Northwest Nature. It is in the evening and the store has details.

On March 14th I will give the veneing program at the Grants Pass Audubon Society meeting at the high school there. Again, on Freeway Birding.

On April 6 and then again on April 13 I will be leading the Klamath Bird Observatory-sponsored free bird walks. The first leaves from Northwest Nature, the second from Wild Birds Unlimited in Medford.

April 11 I wil be speaking on FREEWAY BIRDING at the Klamath Falls Audubon meeting there.

In mid-April I will be with Dan Elster, professional photographer, co-leading a photographer’s trip to Malheur in eastern Oregon, IT’s fund-raiser for Klamath Bird Observatory and they can tell you if there’s space left.

In late April I will be in California. I’m leading a morning-long BIG SIT for the Pt. Reyes Bird and Nature Festival on April 27th and that afternoon I will give a talk on FREEWAY BIRDING at the festival.


In early May I will be leading trips for Partnership for INternational Birding at the BIggest Week festival in northwestern Ohio. Think warblers.

On May 31 I have a second trip to Malheur for Klamath Bird Observatory. This one is for general birders and is co-led by raptor expert, Dick Ashford. I believe there is space still left for this trip and if you’ve never been to Malheur, you’re missing a natural wonder.
It was Teddy Roosevelt who saved this one for posterity, that would right now be us.eared grebe 1136

franklin's gull 1199


swainson's hawk 0848The four pictures above were taken on a previous trip to Malheur, all by George Peterson. Top to bottom: Eared Grebe in breeding plumage, Franklin’s Gull. Burrowing Owl. Swainson’s Hawk.

Bay Area birders might want to know that I am leading an Ashland-based trip for Golden Gate Audubon starting June 20. It will be focused on seeing the mountain birds from Calliope hummingbird to grouse, and perhaps beyond. We will be birding in both the Cascades and the Siskiyous. Earlier that month I expect to talk on FREEWAY BIRDING for the Marin Audubon meeting.

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