Posted by: atowhee | February 5, 2013


Thousands of Tundra swans are present late each winter in the Klamath Basin. My friend, the bird photographer Peter Thiemann, has been shooting pictures of the Tundranians. AQnd, then amongst the mutltituide, there is this larger, scarcer creature, their big cousin: Trumpeter Swan. Behold:Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter_Tundra 2

Trumpeter_Tundra The larger swan was chasing the smaller Tundras. It has a straighter upper edge to its longer bill. It is just BIGGER.

It is rare to have Trumpeter Swans in southwestern Oregon. A few usually winter on Sauvie Island west of Portland. They breed in modest numbers at Malheur 250 miles east of Klamath. A couple years nbacka pair of young ones wintered in a farm pond along Hwy 62 in northeastern Jackson County.


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