Posted by: atowhee | January 30, 2013


Terence Phillipe is a birding friend. he lives near Ashland Pnod where he often walks his dog. This morning they stopped to watch the river otters. There was a Peregrine perched up at the top the tallest cottonwood. One of the resident Red-shuldered Hawks came by, followed shortly thereafter by an adult Bald Eagle heading to Billings Ranch Pond. Terence got pics of all except the otters:Pond Raptors-1 (736x1280) Perched Peregrine.

Pond Raptors-2 (1280x852) (2)Red-shouldered Hawk.

Pond Raptors-3 (1280x751) (2)

Pond Raptors-4 (1280x852) (2)Bald Eagle moving away.
THE OWL RETURNS TO HIS PERCH Terence and I missed the Spotted Owl yestercday, but today the bird was back on its usual limb. Here are Terence’s photos, complete with open eyes!Owl-1 (2) (1280x852)

Owl-2 (852x1280)

Owl-3 (852x1280)

Owl-4 (852x1280)


  1. Really nice owl pix.

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