Posted by: atowhee | January 22, 2013


It was one of those occasional winter days when Emigrant Lake is not a wind-driven pan of froth. The quiet air meant quiet water as the reservoir surface smiled in the sun. As with many wonders of life, timing was crucial. And the lone Great Blue Heron on my side of the lake decided to . Let’s follow his flight:
GBH FLY1 (1280x960)

GBH FLY2 (1280x960)

GBH FLY3 (1280x960)

GBH FLY4 (1280x960) GBHFLY6 (1280x960)

GBH FLY 7 (1280x960)

GBH FLY8 (1280x960) GBH FLY9 (1280x960)


RBG ON WATER (1280x960) Ring-billed Gull adult at rest.

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