Posted by: atowhee | January 17, 2013


“Like a bird on a wire,
Like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free…”
–Leonard CohenKEST MALE3 (1280x960)
This is a female Kestrel feeding on one of the small, long-tailed rodents that seemed to be the catch-of-the-day around Tule Lake. That’s in California.

FERRUGINOUS, UP AND AWAYferru1 (1280x960)FERR-FLIT (1280x960)

FERR-FLIT2 (1280x960) This fine fellow was along the Klamath Falls-Malin Road at the east end of Township Road. That’s in Oregon.


TNG BEGL EAT (1280x960) Young Bald Eagle picnicing on the snow.HARR FACE (1280x960) Harrier studies the terrain. Does the terrioraffect rodent flavor. Do those in sagebrush country come pre-spiced?
RLH CLOSE UP (1280x960) The Rough-legged Hawks were often on the ground. If not they were close to it. Used to the treeless terrain of the Arctic tundras they eschew trees and such things in most cases. Earlier I did post picture of one in a shrubby willow, not a usual sight.

RLH ON PVT (1280x960)

RLH PREEN (1280x960)

RLH-LOOKS (1280x960)


RRTH-SHASTA (1280x960)
Red-tail in the sunset, with Mt. Shasta beyond.


  1. Hi Harry, Thanks! I have the Judy Collins version of that song. Funny, I was JUST (5 minutes ago) listening to Leon Russell’s “Tight Rope” and thinking about captions for an AMKE pic.

    BTW, I believe it is a male. Breast and tail…

    Thanks again!

    Cheers, Dick Sent from my iPad

    • Yeah Judy was the first to record any Cohen lyrics, long bvefore he even started singing…she was the first to force him onto the stage to perform

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