Posted by: atowhee | January 7, 2013


Like every other year, 2013 will be great for birding. And I have a few trips coming up that readers of this blog may want to share:

On March 7 I am scheduled to begin a trip to Puget Sound for Golden Gate Audubon. We will see Harlequin and Long-tailed Ducks, White-winged Scoters, Rhino Auklets and more Bald Eagles than we can count. It’s a great trip for seeing Arctic birds on their wintering grounds.GULL V EGL


IMG_5569 All three of these pictures were taken during this PUget Sound trip two years ago. Click herer for more info on Puget Sound trip.

In Ashland on March 21 and 23 I am teaching a class and leading a field trip on birding Interstate 5. Where to go, what to look for. This class is sponsored by Ashland Park and Rec.

April 18 I begin a photographers seminar and trip to Malheur NWR. Our pro on this trip is Ashland photographer Dan Elster. Click here for his website. This trip is a fund-raiser for Klamath Bird Observatory. We hope to watch lekking Sage Grouse. If cameras and b irds go together in your life, this is your trip.

At the end of April I expect to be at the Pt. Reyes Bird and Nature Festival in Marin County, CA.

In early May I will be back in Ohio along with my cohorts from Partnership for International Birding. We will be gathered at Kenn Kaufmann’s Biggest Week in Birding festival. Warbler world!

On May 30, I will begin a second Malheur trip for Klamath Bird OBservatory. This is for birders who want to add Great Basin birds to their life list: Eastern Kingbird, Black Tern, Franklin’s Gull, Wilson’s Phalarope, Boblink. Click here for info on this trip.

On June 20th I begin a mountain birding trip, sponsored by Golden Gate Audubon. This will be based in Ashland and we’ll bird both Cascades and Siskiyous. Click here for info on this trip.

In early September I am leading a trip around Northern California for all those specialty species: Yellow-billed Magpie, Nuttall’s Woodpecker, California Thrasher, maybe even a Lawrence’s Goldfinch. This trip is organized by Partnership for International Birding. Click here for info.In late September I will be leading a trip for Point Reyes Field Institute (PRFI) to see the fall migration through the Klamath Basin. It is set to begin on September 26th and we’ll be based at Running Y. An earlier trip for PRFI is to Malheur in late June but that one is sold out already.

My FREEWAY BIRDING book is due out next month. I will talking about I-5 birding spots and book signing at Auduobn meetings: Grant’s Pass on March 14th, Klamath Falls on April 11, Marin Audubon in California, June 6. I also have a book signing to raise money for Klamath Bird Observatory in Ashland, the evening of February 28. I will be signing books at Wild Birds Unlimited in Medford on March 2 in the afternoon.


  1. Hey Harry, congratulations on the book. I can’t make it to the KBO fund raiser. Will you sell me a book so that whatever your donation to KBO is goes to them?

    • sure, I*’ll be lugging some to Bonders by late Feb I hope*

  2. Can’t wait to get the book to liven up my endless trip from Seattle to Portland! We’ll look forward to some fieldtrips to the south for good measure…love the blog.

    • thanks, see you soon

  3. Great cover shot. Of the birds and Mt. Shasta, that is. 😉

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