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PR-FAL LANDS (1280x1107)PR-FAL LANDS2 (1280x966)

PR-FAL BALANCE (1280x933)

PR-FAL PERCHD (1045x1280)
The first four images show a Prairie Falcon coming in to land and then a frolnt shot of the bird on its perch. The next two photos show a Great Horned Owl spending the day trying to sleep in some small willows on the Lower Klamath NWR auto tour route, California.
GHO SHDOW (1280x960)

HGO PEERS (1280x953)
The next three photos show a Golden Eagle soaring over the Lower Klamath NWR.
GEAGL (1280x955)

GEAGL ABOVE (1280x1090)

GEAGLE FLOATS (1280x960)
What follows is sequence of a Rough-legged Hawk, from perch to airborne:
RLH LOOKS (1280x960)RLH FLY1 (1280x960)

RLH FLY2 (1280x960)

RLH FLY3 (1280x960)

RLH FLY4 (1280x960)

RLH FLY5 (1280x960)

This bird needs no introduction.
BEAGL ON BAR (1127x1280)
Above, a pair of female Bufflehead on a rare patch of open water in Klamath where ice dominates where water once stood. Below a male Ring-necked Pheasant, a species introduced specifically to please hunters.

BARO MALE (1280x1035)

COME-FEML (1280x960)

TWO DUX (1280x700)
B OTH GLDEYES (1119x1280)
Ducks in the above four images: male Barrow’s Goldeneye in Link River, Klamath Falls. Just below that, a female Common Merganswer in the same place. Thirdly the merganser next to a male Barrow’s Goldeneye.
Finally, there is a male Comoon Goldeneye in the forewater of the final picture, with his rounded facial spot. Note the different shape of the facial white patch on the two differing goldeneye species. The three darkest ducks in the phinal photo are female goldeneyes while the guy smack in the middle, not facing gthe camera is a male Bufflehead. All these ducks were compressed into the open water of the fast-flowing Link River while most stiller waters were frozen over.


  1. Terrific photos!

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