Posted by: atowhee | December 30, 2012


Check out this photo essay from the “guardian” newspaper in Britain. Classic views of a murmuration in the sky.

I’ve seen this Starling formations in San Francisco, Britain and Nebraska. Wherever thousands of Starlings gather at night.



  1. Hi Harry,
    Happy New Year. Congratulations on another succesful Xmas bird count.
    We have moved from our home on Iowa to a new home on Kestrel Parkway, across from Kestrel park and Bear Creek. The last three evenings, right at sunset, many thousands of birds fly over for 20-30 minutes. It’s an amazing phenomenon (for us) and we were wondering if you knew about it. We know there are many robins but not sure if they are all robins since the lighting is low. They look like they are flying up Bear Creek. Do you know if this is a common occurance and if they are all robins?
    Hope to bird with you in 2013.
    Joan and Wayne Brown

    • Yes, each evening hundreds to several thousand Robins pass over Asland heading eastward, or upstream along Bear Creek.

  2. Awesome photos, the gray sky backgrounds adds to the appeal.

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