Posted by: atowhee | December 29, 2012


Here are five terrific shots by George Peterson, all taken during our survey for Area 8 in the Ashland CBC: bald eagle 4617
The two shots of the little tyke with the white eyebrow, those are Mountain Chickadees wintering down at about 2600′
mountain chickadee 4649

mountain chickadee 4657

oak titmaouse 4656
This crested character is one of the many Oak Titmouse (TITMICE?) we saw.

scrub jay 4623 One of the five dozen Scrub-Jays in our area.

FURTHER FOTOS These are all images I took. The kestrel is pretty nice: KESTLAUNCH (1280x960)
KEST SHLDR (1280x960)
We had a half dozen Red-breasted Sapsuckers on our count. This one was around the playground at Em Lake Recreation Area. More than once we heard the sapsuckers make their squealing sound, like a rubber dog toy being squeezed suddenly and sharply.
RBS GOOD (1280x960)
bcch clear (2) (1280x960) Black-capped Chickadee.

CATO SIDE (1280x960) California Towhee on the roadside of Greensprings Spur.

Above: Mountain Chickadee at feeder along with his titmouse cousins.
TITLOOK (1280x960) Oak Titmouse
.WBNU FOOD (1280x960) One of our White-breasted Nuthatches on one of the oaks this bird loves.

ACTION! CAMERA!! I love this new camera I’m using. Suddenly the blurs make a little sense and are so much fun to look at.
BCCH FLY UP (1280x960)

BCCH-LAUNCH (1280x960)

MTN FLY2 (1280x960)

TIT FLY UP (1280x960)

TIT WITH SIKNS (1280x960)You’ll recognize most of these figures in motion. The yellow smears in the upper right corner of the above image indicate incoming Pine Siskins, the yellow on their wings fully exposed.

TITFLY (1280x960)


TITMOUSE WINGS (1280x960) In this lastg picture the Titmouse is leaning abck as if to admire the flight of the birds nearby.


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