Posted by: atowhee | December 23, 2012


There is much calory-counting in our garden. This is not weight-watcher calory counting. This is calory counting by birds intent on having enough body heat to survive the next impending sub-freezing night. And around our garden feeders the hunt for calories makes for food-sharing that is never seen in summer. Click on large image for full screen view.bcch-dowo (1280x960) Hwere we have Black-capped Chickadee and Downy sharing the suet.

cbch looks

chstnt back

deju arrives (1280x960) Here’s a Junco coming for a landing as nuthatch feeds.

deju landing Later hetre’s another Junco coming to land next to a Black-capped Chickadee already on the suet.

dowo feeds (1280x960)

dowo leans bk (1280x960)

dowo looks (1280x960)

dowo-cbch (1280x960)

dowo-cbch2 (1280x960)

dowo-cbch4 (1280x960)

dowo-cbch5 (1280x960)

dowo-cbch6 (1280x960)

dowo-dec23 (1280x960)

dowo-rbnu (1280x960)

dowo-rbnu2 (1280x960)

dowo-rbnu3 (1280x960) Downy and Nuthatch share the suet.

hawo bk (1280x960) HJairy Woodpecker on the suet log.

hawo clr (1280x960)

hawo feeds (1280x960)

hawo leans (1280x960)

MODO X2 (1280x960)

MODO-DEJU Mourning Dove and Junco share the grain on the porch.


  1. I live in Ashland. I feed the birds and have noticed the food sharing too.

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