Posted by: atowhee | December 3, 2012


Just today we had a single Varied Thrush in our garden. I’ve been seeing them in other locations so we could get a good number on the Christmas Counts this year. VATH GHOST This photo shows the instant a Varied Thrush moves out of sight, the camera captures the faint image of the bird in a place it occupied for a nano-second. It is a fine representation of this secretive bird with the ethereal high set of chords produced for its unique call. A bird of shade and hidden corners and dense undergrowth. Isn’t a ghost the vaporous image of a once living creature after it is no longer present?

Spring is far off but courtship will go on. This is a pair of Red-tailed hawks circling over Windemar Road south of Ashland. Both flew with their talons hanging down. They will be mating and nesting early in the new year.


This shows a Robin and Cedar Waxwing high in an evergreen. They both had been joining the Western Bluebirds in feeding on mistletoe berries in nearby oaks.

DEC3 005 (960x1280)

Hairy Woodpecker who’d flown to the suet feeder almost the second I stepped away after hanging it up yesterday morning.

COOT WING (1280x960)
This is remnant of American Coot on shore of Emngrant Lake, where the wing’s former owner was likely devoured by a Bald Eagle,


  1. Love those birds, although they’re very new to me, given my newness to the area.

  2. Hi Harry,

    As I am sure you saw, the park creek was roiling on Sunday. No way a dipper could keep a nest on the dam. When do they start to build their nest? Maybe we better show them the weather forecast!

    Hope I get in your birding class. I am anxious to see your book. I bet it takes in the wildlife refuges around Williams. Isn’t it time for the cranes to get there? Thanks,

    marie annette

  3. My mother used to call Varied Thrushes Alaska Robins when I was a kid living in Olympia WA.

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