Posted by: atowhee | October 27, 2012


There are about two dozen birds you can find in almost any city park in London if it has some trees and a pond. On any given day about 20 of them show up on a day-time walk. The one species that has been scarce this fall compared to past years: Greenfinch. Not sure why. On the other hand Eurasian Jays now seem more visible and maybe even more numeorus.

Two Carrion Crows in aerial dance over Brockwell Park.

Black-headed Gull on the dark waters of Dulwich Park’s pond.

Juvenile Gray Heron on roof of building at Kelsey Park, Beckenham.

This is a wintering bird, newly arrived from Scandanavia. It’s about the size of the American Robin and European Blackbird, its cousins.

Young Mute Swan at Kelsey Park.

Note the tapering on this Magpie’s tail: the shorter feathers have square corners, then the beveled look of the next longest feathers, and finally the central, longest feathers are rounded on the end.
And then there were a few of these notorious rodents scarpering in the weeds and flowers at Dulwich Park:


  1. Enjoyed all of your downtown London pics…but how can those
    Mandarin Ducks not take your breath away! Thanks! Jim

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