Posted by: atowhee | October 25, 2012


Black-footed Penguin, a native of southern Africa coast. A natural-born surfer if ever there were.

These Humboldt Penguins are natives of the western coast of South America.

Here are all three species of penguins found at the London Zoo. The Humboldt is the darkest, the Black-footed has the most white on its face. The Rockjumper has the fancy plumage. This species is found only on the Falkland Islands.


A close to extinction species ounce found around the Mediterranean. Some still breed in Morocco.

Revered in ancient Egypt, still found along the Nile. We saw these birds in Uganda. The “Sacred” Ibis.

I neglected to record the name of this species but it is also of limited range and endangered, I believe.

Mandarins are found all over the place here. This one was splashing around in the little vaiary pond beneath dozens of Sacred Ibis and hundreds of poaching Starlings.

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