Posted by: atowhee | October 13, 2012


It is important to note–as I have before–how bird behavior varies from one region to another, even within the same species. Songbirds have long been on the menu in France so birding here is more difficult than it the U.S. or England. Tits, like U.S. chickadees in general behavior and DNA, are more cautious and flighty in France. So pictures are harder to come by. Here are a few: This Black Redstart was hunting in a pasture above St. May.

European Magpie near Sainte-Jalle’s old church.

One small fraction of a Griffon Vulture kettle.

Black Redstart on roof of home in Pierrelongue.


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  2. Where’s the red on the redstart? The redstart we saw in Morocco had red even tho a different species. Maybe this is a female? Googling I see that the fems are only orangey on their breasts.

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