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Brockwell Park is a large open area south of the Thames, bordered by Herne Hill and Brixton. There are 78 acres with small ponds, towering plane trees, much rolling grassland and views of the central city to the north. One remaining large country home on a hill now contains a small cafe. The higher parts of the park overlook central London north of the Thames, including The Gherkin and The Shard, two modern skyline landmark buildings.
This species is very much like the North American Red-breasted Nuthatch. Behavior the same as well.
After conferring with local experts I find this is a young female Tufted Duck, not a scaup. The first year females often this bit of white at the base of their beaks though field guides fail to note this fact.
A rarity in the U.S. the Tufted Duck (cousin of the scaup ans Ring-necked Ducks) is abundant here.
This blackbird is in same genus as the American Robin, with voice and feeding habits to match. It is the most common breeding thrush in southern England. In winter it is joined hereabouts by the Fieldfare, Missal Thrush, Redwing–all migrant thrushes.

Brockwell Park, London, GB-ENG. Sep 29, 2012 3:15 PM. 20 species.

Mallard 35
Tufted Duck 2
Greater Scaup 1
Eurasian Moorhen 3
Eurasian Coot 16
Rock Pigeon 60
Common Wood-Pigeon 5
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1
Green Woodpecker 1
Rose-ringed Parakeet 7–just in the 30 years I’ve been visiting London this species has spread from its original redoubt in Kew Gardens to all across the extensive metro area. It is also abundant in Amsterdam and some other European cities.
Eurasian Jay 3
Eurasian Magpie 2
Carrion Crow 15
Great Tit 2
Eurasian Blue Tit 1
Eurasian Nuthatch 1
Blackcap 1
Eurasian Blackbird 3
European Starling 4
House Sparrow 4
Looking out at Shard and Gherkin.

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