Posted by: atowhee | September 25, 2012


Some of the remaining shots from California birding trip earlier this month.
This was just one of the flotilla of sea otters at Moss Landing where Elkhorn Dllugh meets the open Pacific Ocean. Otters on water, Brown Pelicans on land, fog over all.

Young Golden Eagle over Sunol Regional Wilderness in Alameda County.

Marbled Godwit on mudflats at Moss Landing State Beach.

Ruddy Turnstone on the same mudflats. This is an uncommon species on the Pacific Coast.

White-tailed Kite over the grass-covered sand dunes at Asilomar State Beach. The bird was voling, no doubt.

This is one of several Red-necked Phalarope swirling around in a small pond in the Pacific Grove Golf Course. Nearby some Western Bluebirds were patrolling the fairway.


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