Posted by: atowhee | September 10, 2012


There were plenty of birds in the trees, the ocean and on the beaches at Pt. Reyes today. My group of Colorado birders were treated to some local regulars and a couple of vagrants. The latter was a pair of Harlequin Ducks in Drakes Bay off the fishing dock at Chimney Rock.
Some of the more expected birds, still exciting, included fifty Red-necked Phalarope in the small farm Pond at Ranch G…migrant Western Tanager and Townsend’s Warbler along the Jepson Trail in Tomales Bay State Park…Hutton’s Vireo, Common Murre, Common and Red-throated Loon, lots of Anna’s Hummingbirds…two Great Horned Owls in full sun along the row of Monterey Cypress at Ranch C, and a couple dozen Tricolored Blackbirds in the big Icterid flock there.

Tricolored Blackbird male at Ranch C, Pt. Reyes.

Red-necked Phalarope on pond at Ranch G.

Great Horned Owl open-eyed, Ranch C.

Black-crowned Night-heron in tree behind Inverness store.
Altogether we have 108 species seen in a day and a half of birding San Francisco and Marin. Tomorrow we head east in search of Yellow-billed Magpie and other birds of the interior.

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