Posted by: atowhee | September 3, 2012


Granite Street Screech-Owl. Both adult owls have been highly visible in their respective owl boxes of late.
Wild Turkeys prepare for picnic in Lithia Park.
These Band-tailed Pigeons will disperse soon, leaving our garden feeders to lesser avians. In the cold months I miss their guttural murmuring and their pushing and shoving over a place at the lunch counter. Perhaps “pigeons” and “pigs” share both etymology and pyschology.
A very dark-backed Lesser Goldfinch male.
A female Lesser caught with her mouth full, pigging out. Perhaps I should say “pigeoning out.”

There is a family of four Black-capped Chickadees that are about our garden off and on all day. They are harvesting the sunflower seeds as well as helping clear the feeders. In winter they may be joined by Mountain and Chestnut-backed Chickadees who come in from the woods.
Young Wood Ducks.
One of the Hooded Mergansers that have been on the pond for weeks. Note the intense eye color. This is either a female or juvenile male.

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