Posted by: atowhee | August 26, 2012


Birds are on the move this month. Out at Emigrant Lake there are Caspian Terns, perhaps ones from the colony at Klamath Lake. A Double-crested Cormorant was there today, maybe down from the breeding colony up at Hyatt Lake. Shoresbirda are moving south; the variety today at Em Lake including Least and Western Sandpipers, the lone Semipalmated Plover I first saw yesterday and a half dozen Greater Yellowlegs:
There was a flock of swallows over the lake fighting the strong wind. The swallow flocks are drifting southward. Most of those today were Barn and Violet-green. But summer is not over yet. Out at Cougar Run Ranch a quratet of Barn Swallows is still not fledged. They have another seven weeks before they will need to have migrated south.

Also at the ranch some adult quail were leading their halfpgrown chicks through the garden. One female was on a post and on alert:

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