Posted by: atowhee | August 19, 2012


On the 50th Anniversary of Rachel Carson’s SILENT SPRING, it’s worth looking at what the fracking business is starting to do to America’s ground water. Here’s one report on illegal dumping of waste liquids. Dead rivers and no fish. Just like the petrochemical industry fought for over a decade to protect DDT from regulation, you can expect similar expensive coverup campaigns from the natural gas companies to protect their current practices from regulation or exposure. The all-might dollar is still mighty mighty.
I’m shocked, of course, that anybody would break a law for profit. Baseball players, members of Congress, high-ranking lobbyists, bankers and brokers–none of them would ever step over the line for a few measly millions of dollars, would they?
I suspect Sen. Bernie Sanders would be the only man in either house of Congress to vote in favor of nationalizing our natural gas industry to remove all those temptations created by greed and profit. But Bernie is one of those wild-eyed socialists we need to be so afraid of. Those fishermen in Pennsylvania can always come out here to Oregon to fish, if they must.


  1. Well said (and clever title)

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