Posted by: atowhee | August 12, 2012


“Abandon hope” is a phrase with currency among Dante scholars and undergraduate existentialists. “Bandon Hope” is a phrase with some weight among us birders who live in a landlocked environment. We hope for pelagic birds and migrating shorebirds. We got to Bandon mid-afternoon. Foggy skies, gusty wind, temps in the 60s. A familiar coastal condition for mid-summer. Put on your summer coat. This is one of the Black Oystercatchers I saw on an offshore sea stack. Western Gulls were legion. There were Pelagic Cormorants on old pilings and offshore rocks. A Common Murre whirred past just above the weaves while a Pigeon Guillemot was loafing on a rock. The volunteer host at China Creek said the last of the Snowy Plovers had fledged and run off with its mother last week. Try again next spring. And all along the shoreline were the small, sturdy-looking coastal Crows.


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