Posted by: atowhee | July 27, 2012


These pelicans were soaring over the mouth of the Columbia River above the South Jetty, Ft. Stevens State Park. These big guys are molting as you can see from missing feathers. In the top picture the bird with the pale belly is not yet mature, probably less than three years old. Breeding age birds have brown bellies with their pale feathers on head and neck only.
On the piers along the riverfront at Astoria the gulls collect near fishing operations. This quartet is, left to right: Western, Western, Herring, Western.
Western Gull, left. Glaucous-winged Gull, right. Both adults.
Young Glaucous-winged Gull. Note not a single black feather, meaning this bird is not one of the many Western X GW hybrids.
Juvenile Ring-billed Gull on left, adult Western on the right.
Juvenile Ring-billed Gull on the rocks.

Pair of Pelagics.
Water beetles in Coffenberry Lake, Fort Stevens State Park.

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