Posted by: atowhee | July 26, 2012


But here’s a rose garden anyway, in Portland’s Washington Park: The dominant birds in this part of this park: Crows and Anna’s Hummingbirds faced with almost unlimited nectar sources in the flowering borders.


Friendly face peering out of weed choked swimming pool (small pond actually) at Nisqually NWR.
Funny, up here in Portland and Seattle parks have signs warning that the squirrels are dangerous! Does this guy look like a killer to you? I’m far more afraid of some guy only two legs but carrying an assault rifle and thousands of rounds of lead. Never yet heard of a squirrel on a rampage. And I saw no signs warning of guys with guns.
Attica cherries which we rounded up ourselves from a cherry ranch above Hood River, OR. The cherry grower said he tries to use propane cannons to keep the crows and jays at bay but usually ends up having to kill a few Corvids each summer to scare the others off. I didn’t ask if that shooting was legal. These Attica variety cherries will never show up in your grocery because they don’t travel well or keep for long. The Attica trees are planted sparsely to pollinate the commercial, profitable varieties we all know. Fresh from the tree, this cherry-lover gives them THREE CHERRIES, a jackpot of flavor.

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