Posted by: atowhee | June 22, 2012


This is the season of the fledgling.  Yesterday I blogged about the House Wren luring its young one from the nest with a succulent caterpillar. Today as we birded Klamath Basin young birds appeared all around us.
Here’s this mother Clark’s Grebe with two young on board, one hanging its head over the gunwales (a), the other aground on the middle of her back (b). In the second shot the larger chick has fallen off its mother’s back and swims near the bow of the mother-ship.

This is one of three recently fledged Great Horned Owls near the Tule Lake NWR Visitors Center. The three were born in a cliff cleft above the Center, and have now relocated to large willows across the road to the east. Neither parent was seen in the vicinity. The woman at the center told us she’d seen one of the young take a mouse from the Center lawn. She spoke like a proud foster parent.

Earlier we saw this Great Egret fly over with reeds in its beak. Presumably for nest repair. Interestingly we have thrice seen grebes dancing across the water, a performance normally seen in spring courtship not summer doldrums. Some nesting may be going on later than usual this year. And yesterday at Rocky Point we heard young Flickers inside their nest hole clambering for more food, then an adult arrived to comply with the demands. Today in Moore Park we saw a bustling, hustling family of Bushtits feeding on the move, as ever. Most of the flock would be fledglings born earlier this year.

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