Posted by: atowhee | June 20, 2012


This photo was taken by Bob Mandell, an ace photographer on my recent Golden Gate Audubon trip to Malheur. Bib us very good with the camera but often gets help with ID. In emailing me this photo, he said, “What kind of Bittern is this?”
Virginia, Bob, Virginia Rail. Not a species we’d seen on this trip. Bob got the photo after returning to Ruh-red Road after the rest of us departed. He wanted one more set of shots of Stilt, Avocet, et al. This rail was his unexpected bonus. Thanks for sharing, Bob.


  1. What a stunning picture! Thanks, Bib or Bob… Really a beautiful, beautiful shot!

  2. good shot.

  3. Please send camera details, lens, settings, etc.

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