Posted by: atowhee | June 13, 2012


Sandy Komito leaves southern Oregon with six new birds we found together for his Mr. Camera life list. In the fourteen months since he got his new digital camera with the killer lens, Komito has photographed 580 birds on the ABA list for North America. That’s far fewer than he saw in his record-setting big year: 748 species in 1998. Still, seeing or hearing a bird for the Big Year tally is far easier than getting an identifiable picture.
This morning, for example, Komito managed to get a decent shot of a flying Vaux’s Swift over Ashland Pond. That testifies to both his technical and physical abilities after nearly seven decades of birding experience. Here’s a pair of birders up on Old Baldy Mountain Road:
Among the six birds we added to Mr. Camera’s life list: Calliope Hummingbird and Lewis’s Woodpecker (from Collier Rest Area in CA). Before we began birding together on the 11th, Komito had added MacGillivray’s Warbler and Hermit Warbler on upper Tolman Creek Road in Ashland. Altogether he added eight species while in the Ashland area.
Among the non-avian sightings of note: 300 pound black bear on Tolman Creek Road and a coyote in Klamath Basin.
Our misses: a Chukar seen but not photographed along Lower Klamth Lake Road, Pygmy Owl not even heard, Mountain Quail heard but never seen. But Mr. Komito’s self-set challenge of photographing every living ABA area species will keep him traveling for some time to come.
Petere Thiemann joined us for part of the day. He and Komito geeked out on camera settings, ISO, shutter speed and other recondite matters beyond this birder’s attention span.
One shot I got during our birding together was this Tricolored Blackbird in Siskiyou County, CA:


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