Posted by: atowhee | June 9, 2012


Pronghorn along Hwy 205 south of Burns.
Pygmy rabbit, America’s smallest rabbit species…at Malheur Field Station.
This badger clearly expressed his anger and anxiety that we had parked alongside his sett. There was a freshly killed ground squirrel lying near one door down into his burrow. This was along Lawen Road.
This hare (nee jackrabbit) stands watch over our front door in our dorm at the Malheur Field Station.

Among our mammals were mother pronghorn and their young, but they were to far away for pictures. We had sixteen mammal species on this trip.

Thee young Belding’s ground squirrels were popping in and out of their parents’ burrow in the picnic ground at Collier State Park along US Hwy 97 north of Klamath Falls.


  1. Holy cow! Impressive!!! xo Julia

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