Posted by: atowhee | May 26, 2012


Canada is fine with plundering its tar sands for oil, and thus cash. It’s fine with cutting forests to export timber to East Asia. Extraction=good; research=bad. Canada, too, has now withdrawn from all agreements on curtailing global warming like its Yankee neighbor (that would be us in U.S.). But the current Canadian government is not going to waste any of that revenue doing research on resource exploitation’s effects on the ocean we all share. So we Yanks do not have a monopoly on political lobbying moving the political system away from science and towatd blissful ignorance. Somehow the big money industries that extract and pollute seem to think they are insulated from the effects of the pollution they generate. Time for a compilation of cancer stats among CEOs and lobbyists. Perhaps their own self-interest could be used to reign in their anti-regulation insanity.


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