Posted by: atowhee | May 2, 2012


The last of my view-worthy California photos: From the top: Tomales Bay in early morning. American Crow out for an amble. Western Bluebird on a wire. Small flock of Surf Scoters on Tomales Bay. Pair of Shovelers shoveling it in. This Red-shouldered Hawk landed on the clothes line pole outside my friend Julia’s home in Pt. Reyes Station. The Common Merganser female and air-drying Double-crested Cormorant were both in Rodeo Lagoon on the Marin Headlands. Western Sandpiper at Tubbs Island, San Pablo NWR, Sonoma County.

CREATURESMAMMALIAN   The little brush rabbit was shy and quickly vanished. The large housecat turned out to be Bobcat, and he was most relaxed and unhurried. The jackrabbit had been blithely hopping down the trail toward me when his not-too-good eyesight picked out the tall, dark stranger. He stopped, lifted up his huge ears to try to listen past the highway noise. Then he thought worse of my pfresence and turned back to vanish into the brush. This was at Tubbs Island next to roaring Hwy 37.


  1. Great shot of jackrabbit with prominent circulation in its left ear used for heat exchange. The ears of the RoxyAnn variety aren’t as long.

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