Posted by: atowhee | April 15, 2012


Well, Malheur NWR may not be the greatest birding spot on earth. But it is sure heaven when you’re there. Peter Thiemann, my photographing friend, a supreme lensman for sure, has just returned to normal life after an exhilirating spring visit to Malheur. Here are a few of his images. Feast your eyes and imagination: [click on the bluebird image for full screen treatment.]  PICTURES, STARTING AT THE TOP: Mountain Bluebird in flight; Long-eared Owl on nest; Ash-throatred Flycatcher at Page Springs; Cedar Waxwing in juniper; Chukar in sage brush country; Greater Sandhill Cranes, part of the largest breeding crane population in Oregon, the Mallard hen in foreground was just for size comparison; Horned Lark, with horns clearly erected; Long-billed Curlew; Ross’s Goose, part of the population that winters in Sacramento valley, then flies north to eventually nest in north central Canada; Swainson’s Hawk, back from wintering in Latin America–it’s an insect specialist. This one was at Sage Hen Rest Stop west of Burns where I’ve repeatedly seen this species in past visits. Now wait ’til you see the next blog!!


Peter Thiemann has an extensive bird gallery on Flickr. HERE IS HOW TO ACCESS PETER’S PHOTO STREAM: From homepage go to explore, under search go to people. When you see “All flickr members” type in peterjthiemann. Up comes HIS photo icon and Peter Thiemann USA. Click on the icon and you will have Peter’s photo stream with 2,662 items.

Photos are organized with latest posting up front and on right side of page there is a list of sets. Click on Greater Sage Grouse and you can pick from a choice of images. Click on each image for larger view and hit keyboard “L” for black lightbox larger.

BTW: there are still a few slots open for my trip to Malheur in mid-June.  It’s sponsored by the Golden Gate Audubon Society.  You can email me for details or contact GGAS in Berkeley.


  1. Stunning shots! Bluebird, horned lark, Chukar, all! Really, really beautiful bird shots. My sincerest compliments to Peter.

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