Posted by: atowhee | April 3, 2012


Purple Finch in song.Birds above: male Anna’s Hummingmbird atop his favorite bush near Ashland Pond. Turkey Vulture viewed from directly below with no light underneath. A Blackpcapped Chickadee with white blotches onthe black cap, partially molted.This is Cooper’s hawk in tree along Ashland Creek. he had just made an aerial sortie against a Wood Duck coming up from the Ashland sewer plant but the accipiter made no contact. Could he really have imnagined catching even a small duck? BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA ONLINE says Coops will take pheasant and poultry so the Wood Duck is not too big for a large female (which this was), but there is no mention of a duck having been taken by a Cooper’s Hawk. They prefer prey of medium size: like Robins, Starling and Mourning Doves. The finaol two pictures: finches on feeder: Siskin and Lesser Gold-; White-crowned Sparrow on brush pile. This species is moving northerward through our area and has suddenly becoe abundant.

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