Posted by: atowhee | March 29, 2012


The petrochemical-agribusiness folks are gonna hate this: it seems that madmade poisons are behind the die-off of pollinating bees.  Damned nosey scientists anyway.  First they blame us for global warming and now the dying bee.  Geez, can’t the biologists just let business be business?

Here’s summary of the findings on the bee die-off.

How long will it take for the Republican Party to decided that this is ohoney science like global warming.  Such a political stance should be good for some major bucks from pesticide makers, and the mega-corn-food industry.  And we can immediately spent millions on researciong into genetically modified bees that are tolerant of everything from cigarette smoke to acid rain.  We need tough real American bees, not these sensitive wimps we have now.  Not only does corn deserve its rich subsidies in America but it would be anti-American to regulate pesticide use, wouldn’t it?  Just because banning DDT worked for Osprey and Brown Pelicans doesn’t mean anything.  That’ll likely be the next report from the Heartland Institute which has proved time and again that global warming is just…well, hooey.

Did I just hear the ghost of Rachel Carson howling into the political wind?


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