Posted by: atowhee | March 21, 2012


The Bushtits come through our garden a few times each week. Never staying long, usually in a bustling, nervous flock. Today I got a picture with just one hanging from the suet feeder. Renminds me that the annual flock break-up is due soon. When it’s time to weave those grass sacs and begin laying eggs, the Bushtit flock breaks temporarily down into pairs. Soon after fledging the family groups being to reform into flocks again. So a lone Bushtit is worth capturing:

And Peter Thiemann shared some photos of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, speaking of little bird-ing. It’s about 930 PM and the local Screech-owl is outside my window, tooting in the dark and rain. Here’s what he looks like in daylight when he’s about half awake: This owl pic is by Terry Doyle.

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