Posted by: atowhee | March 20, 2012


My wife and I have been on the road, and not staying where there’s a wireless Internet connection. So here’s my first blog in a week.
We got snow at sea level in Astoria, more snow in Portland (Oregon, not Maine). There was rain, a little sunshine, tiny ice pellets, wind and leaden skies. All Winter’s way of sayind “adieu.” We saw Sandhill Cranes stopping over on Sauvie Island on their way north.  Thousands of dark geese over the Willamette Valley.  A Lewis’s Woodpecker in the Finley National Wildlife Refuge.  Pacific Wrens were doing their spring sing in the dense forests near the Willamette.  Varied Thrush were legion among the swordferns in Tryon Creek State Park. Violet-green and Tree Swallows have already reached the Columbia River Valley. And we did NOT find the Gyrfalcon reported this month south of Corvallis.

Birds above: male Flicker; singing Pacific Wren in Susan Young State Park, West Linn. Below: cranes; the trillium are in bloom in the wet woodlands of the Portland area.
Here’s a gallery from the Portland trip.


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  2. Pretty spectacular photos!

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