Posted by: atowhee | March 2, 2012


Golden Gate Audubon has just agreed to sponsor a mid-June trip to Malheur NWR in eastern Oregon. If you’ve never been this is a dreamland for birders. All our past spring trips have built a species list well over 100. And there are numerous birds you are never likely to see west of the Cascades or Sierra. This trip will begin Friday June 15 at Malheur. We’ll bird all weekend, then depart on Monday, June 18. Contact me or Golden Gate Audubon if you’re interested.

Price for this trip has not been set.

AVIFAUNA IN MALHEUR     Some of the breeding species in eastern Oregon are typical of the Great Basin and are lacking or rare in more westerly locations.  Sage Grouse, Sparrow and Thrasher.  Brewer’s Sparrow.  Black Tern.  Franklin’s Gull.  Breeding Long-billed Curlew.  Wilson’s Phalarope.  Yellow-headed Blackbird.  Breeding White Pelicans. Pictures from top: Red-naped Sapsucker, reminder that Malheur Visitors Center attracts vagrants during spring migration; America’s smallest chipmunks; marmot; Yellow-headed Blackbird in hand; Franklin’s Gulls.

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