Posted by: atowhee | February 28, 2012


This flock of blackbirds were along a levee on the northwest side of Tule Lake NWR, CA. In addition to the usual Brewer’s and Red-wings there were wintering Yellow-headed Blackbirds (most moigrate south) and some Tricoloreds. Note (in upper picture) the male Tric on the far right with his white shoulder stripe. The flock was east of the NWR headquarters and included about 500 birds.

Note the pointer indicating a partially visible Great Horned Owl’s head as the bird apparently was lying on its side in a cavelet in the cliff face at the Tule Lake NWR Visitors Center.Thumbnails from upper left: Bufflehead and Coot; Tubndra Swans overhead; Song Sparrow; Rough-leggedFerruginous Hawk in the field; Prairie Falcon at a distance.

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