Posted by: atowhee | February 28, 2012


One the most exciting and moving experiences in the Klamath Basin this time of year is the sheer multitude of waterfowl. Several species converge ln this marshy area surrounded by arid land and mountains.  Most are on their way northward, some stay to breed right here. It’s heartening to see so much life force in motion.  Nature perseveres in the face of much exploitation and human arrogance. 

My personal thanks to President Theodore Roosevelt (R), a true conservationist who first set aside land in the Klamath Basin to protect wildlife there.

The Tundra swans show no black on their wings in flight while Snow Geese do have black wing tips on the underside.  Research shows that dark feathers are made stronger by the melanin and those dark feathers wear beter than pale feathers.

HERE IS LINK TO THE LATEST CENSUS OF WATERFOWL IN KLAMATH BASIN AND THE WILDLIFE REFUGE.   In this season the elegant Pintail is Klamath’s most abundant duck, even out-numbering the Greater White-fronted Goose.
Open wings in wide open spaces (below).

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