Posted by: atowhee | February 19, 2012


The Flicker is singing and drumming.  I heard a Purple Finch sing this week. The Red-shouldered hawk is screaming about the same nesting territory he used last year.  It’s uphill in the forest above our house.  But it is still winter.  Here’s a Lesser Goldfinch on our feeder during yesterday’s storm. You can see the white streaks of falling snow: There were four Varied Thrush along the edge of Tolman Creek Road in the snow yesterday. They’ve been scarce in the Rogue Valley this year. These birds were at about 3500′.RUBER RFEDUX
I haven’t relocated the Pacific-slope Flycatcher I saw along Ashland Creek Friday, but when I go back to the same spot the Red-breasted Sapsucker is sometimes at work on the perforated incense cedar.  Of course, he hangs around the shaded underside of the tree’s trunk. BOLD BIRDS    Including some gobbling gobblers.

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