Posted by: atowhee | January 11, 2012


I have several schedulesd birding classes and field trips int he coming months, some in Jackson County. Oregon…two in Marin County, California.  Here they are:


Ashland’s Winter Birds, Feb 2 lecture and Feb. field trip.  See Ashland Park & Rec. website.   $15

Klamath Basin’s Winter Birds, Mar. 1 lecture & March 3 field trip.  See Ashland Park & Rec.  $15

Touvelle State Park.  March 10. Field trip for Klamath Bird Observatory. Meet at Wild Birds Unltd. Medford at 8am.  Free.

Ashland Spring Birding.  May 3 lecture & May 5 field trip.  See Ashland Park & Rec.   $15.

Click here to get to the online guide to Ashland Park classes.



Feb. 11   Birds of Marin.  Pt Reyes Filed Institute.

Feb 12   Birds of Tomales Bay.   Pt. Reyes Field Institute.

Here is the website for PRFI classes.

I also expect to be at the Pt. Reyes Bird Festival the last weekend in April.



Both field trips to Malheur NWR for Klamath Bird Observatory are filled this spring.   I am hoping to add a May trip to the schedule for Ashland Parks and Rec.  Stay tuned on that one.

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