Posted by: atowhee | January 10, 2012


There is nothing as exciting or exotic as river otter here in this part of Nebraska.  But I continue to see aquatic mammals.  As is appropriate for the Great Plains, with it plain-speaking folks and its plainly named trees (sandbar willow, red oak, red cedar, eastern cottonwood, redbud), this aquatic is just plain brown, with a paler chin.  Behold the originator of the “Muskrat Ramble:”

Note the muskrat canals that lead from the deeper water into the embankment hide-outs.

All these photos are from the nearly dried up slough at Pioneers Park in southwest. Lincoln.  And to end with, here’s an image of the iconic mammal in these parts:


  1. I think they’re kind of cute in a rodent-like way.

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