Posted by: atowhee | December 26, 2011


Here is a fine gallery of shots taken recently by Peter Thiemann in the Klamath Basin.  Not surprisingly they are wonderful to study.  Peter is a photo expert who takes great time and care.  But there was one surprise:

Note the small Icterids in this flock with the narrow white arc on the front edge of the wing?  Those are male Tricolored Blackbirds.  [CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE FULL SCREEN VERSION.] They’re in a mixed flock with many Yellow-headed Blackbirds that I would have expected to be mostly gone south by now. The birds with no white in their wing bars are male Red-winged Blackbirds, one of America’s most abundant species.   Prairie Falcon. Handsome, regal, deadly fast.   Ferruginous Hawk on post and then Prairie Flacon launching from similar fence post.  How many Black-crowned Night-heron do you see in this tree?  The fingers on one hand should be about right but Peter claims he sees six altogether.   I didn’t get past five myself but have seen nearly 100 in a single large tree along Klamath Falls’ link River in winter.

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