Posted by: atowhee | November 18, 2011


The first week of Malheur Birding sponsored by Klamath Bird Observatory has filled so I will be doing a second trip starting May 30.  If you’ve never been and you bird in Oregon, here’s your chance. Contact the Klamath Bird Observatory to reserve your spot.

To whet you appetite there are a few pics taken by ace photographer Peter Thiemann on a bist he and his wife made last spring.  I can’t promise anything this good, but Malheur is always worth the drive.  All photos copyright Peter Thiemann.

Long-eared Owl, nesting at Page Springs.

Eastern Kingbird, found at Malheur along the western edge of this bird’s breeding range.

Golden Eagle launching from the cliff where it was nesting.

Coyote gang eyes stranger on the road.

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