Posted by: atowhee | November 5, 2011


This post has nothing to do with the CIA.  This is about training counters for the Christmas Bird Count.  Today–in rain, wind and snow–was the field trip for a class I taught for Ashland Park and Rec: The Christmas Bird Count.  And we acquited ourselves pretty well, I’d say.

Cackling Goose 1.  Canada Goose 217.  Wood Duck 3.  Am. Wigeon 3.  Mallard  26.  GW Teal 15.  Lesser Scaup 2.  Bufflehead  5.  Hooded Merganser 1.  Common Merganser 2.  PB Grebe 2.  Great Blue Heron 1.  Bald Eagle 1.  Harrier 1.  Cooper’s Hawk 1.  R-T Hawk 1.  Kestrel  1.  Merlin 1.  Killdeer  40.  Western Sandpiper 2.  Dunlin  5.  Wilson’s Snipe  5.  Bonaparte’s Gull 5 (Em Lake).  Band-tailed Pigeon 20.  Rock Dove 16.  Eur. Collared-Dove 2.  Mourning Dove 7.  Screech-Owl  1.  Anna’s Hummingbird 1.  Belted Kingfisher 2.  Lewis’s Woodpecker 2 (Em Lake).  Acorn Woodpecker  12.  Red-breasted Sapsucker (Ashland Pond). Downy Woodpecker 1.  Flicker  7.  Black Phoebe  1.  Steller’s Jay 1 (North Mtn).  Western Scrub-Jay 22.  Criw 18.  Raven  13.  BC Chickadee 5.  WB Nuthatch 1.  RC Kinglet 10.  Western Bluebird 4.  Hermit Thrush 1.  Am. Robin 52.  Starling 1820.  Am. Pipit 8  (Em Lake).  Cedar Waxwing   258.  OC Warbler  1 (Ash. Pond).  YR Warbler   19.  Spotted Towhee 21.  Song Sparrow  2.  Linc Sparrow 2.  WC Sparrow 77.  GC Sparrow 83.  DE Junco  17.  RW Blackbird  2.  Brew Blackbird 7.  Purple Finch 1.  House Finch 1.  Am Goldfinch 19, Less Goldfinch  49.  House Sparrow 10.

None of the birds we saw today were truly vagrants but some were less than usual for this time of year.  There were Western Sandpiper, Pipits and Bonaparte’s Gulls at the frigid south end of wind-swept Emigrant Lake.  Dunlin are actually regular here in November.  The Orange-crowned Warbler at Ashland Pond was first found by the KBO field trip there, led by Forrest English and Dick Ashford.  We saw it as well but missed the White-throated Sparrow they’d picked out.

We had scads of Waxwings at North Mountain Park to start the day, a Coop, a Merlin and five Wilson’s Snipe playing near the center stripe on one soccer field.  The Killdeer were covering the rest of the field.

Our two Lewis’s were near the waterslide at Emigrant Lake.  Altogether out intrepid band has a total of 63 species in five hours.  Just warming up for the cold season of the Christmas counts.

Our Screech-Owl sleeping beneath his built-in down comforter in the morning chill. Images, all from too far way in bad light, owl, Merlin, Snipe, owl again.


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