Posted by: atowhee | October 18, 2011


I am co-leading a trip to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge this spring.  The trip will be June 6-9.  It is a fund-raiser for Klamath Bird Observatory and there are limited spaces available.  We will staying at the Malheur Field Station on the refuge.  My co-leader is hawk expert Dick Ashford.  Details of the trip can be found here.

Each of the three trips I led to maheur last spring found over 100 species.  In  June we can be pretty sure of finding Eastern Kingbird, Common Nighthawk, Bobolink.  There’ll be breeding Sandhill Cranes.  Last year some of us got to see a baby crane peeking at us through the tall grass.  There’ll be pronghorn and surey some unexpected vagrant at the Maheur Headquarters.

There’ll be a bird-banding demo at the Field Station so we’ll see some birds up very close.












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