Posted by: atowhee | October 9, 2011


This is a sight that greeted me on a cold morning this weekend.  The lingering bright flower of one of our artichoke plants, and a lone, motionless visitor.

“I’d been carrying pollen packets all day.  Back to the storeroom.  Unpack.  Go get another load of pollen.  Fly it back to the storeroom, looking out for birds all the while.  Unpack.  Back to the flower.  I did stop for some nectar breaks along the way.  But it was getting cold, the sun had gone behind the trees and then the mountain.  The temperature dropped.  I was tired.  I made one more run.  By then I was bee-yond endurnace. I was exhausted.  I just stopped to take a bee-nap.  But night overtook me and there I slept, all night, in cold and damp.  After this embarrassing picture, the sun warmed the flower, the air and myself.  Don’t let any of the other buzzers see this, please.”


  1. […] Seasonal change is happening rapidly now.  Sone leaves are falling, even from oaks.  Afew trees are starting to show that golden glow of fall.  Feral apples and pears are falling from the limb.  Scrub Jays have so much fruit to eat they can’t keep up.  Our tomato plants are starting to drop even green fruit now.  Teh bear has so many blackberries and elderberries, he can;gt be bothered with mugging the neighborhood trash cans. The herbs–basel, thyme, chive, oregano–are going gladly to seed.  And insects are coping with colder days and frigid nights. […]

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