Posted by: atowhee | September 29, 2011


The shifting species mix at Ashland pond is a sure way to follow the seasonal changes.  There are now numerous Golden-crowned Sparrows.   The birds of summer are long-gone.   A quartet of Great Egret flew over in a tight quadrangle then landed at nearby Billings Ranch Pond where I saw them later.  Yellow-rumped Warblers are now present, all other warblers not.  The warm days have the pond weed in full bloom but the first frosts will turn it from green to a scarlet-brown.  The Green Heron is still here but probably not much longer.  The sky was clear this morning: no clouds, no swallows, no swift.  A occasional southbound Turkey Vulture will circle and drift on south.

Female Wood Duck shares small perch with pond turtle.

Lincoln’s Sparrow being very cagey, looing at me looking at him.

That’s Green Heron hanging over the green pond scum pro tempore.

There was little sound.  From Interstate the usual thrum of commerce and fossil fuel consumption on a massive scale.  From the birds not much.  Only the Acorn Woodpeckers discussing acorns, acorn storage, acorn quality, acorn protection, acorns and jays,  acorn size, acorn consumption–all things acorns.  They mjust find some good humor in acorning around.  I could swear that one call is part laugh, part gurgle.  The Belted Kingifsher did give me a warning rattle when he thought I thought I could sneakk up on him.  I know better.  Generations of kingfisher have taught me that you can rarely approach one of their kind with binos, camera or even pure innocence without the bird taking flight.

There were many active Spotted Towhees.  A brightly feathered pri of males played tag in the brambles.  One or two gave me the snarling buzz that is their sound disapproval of my presence in Towheeland.

Acorn Woodpecker feeding on the ground, something they do much less than Flickers or Europe’s Green Woodpecker.


About thirty Greater White-fronted geese passed over our house around 730AM today, calling as they headed south.  Tyhe geese are now being spotted all over western Oregon in their annual migration.

Ashland Pond, Jackson, US-OR.  Sep 29, 2011 8:45 AM.  22 species

Canada Goose  1
Wood Duck  1
Mallard  3
Great Egret  4
Green Heron  1
Turkey Vulture  5
Anna’s Hummingbird  1
Belted Kingfisher  1
Acorn Woodpecker  7
Western Scrub-Jay  11
American Crow  1
White-breasted Nuthatch  1
European Starling  9
Yellow-rumped Warbler  2
Spotted Towhee  6
Song Sparrow  2
Lincoln’s Sparrow  2
Golden-crowned Sparrow  8
Brewer’s Blackbird  4
Lesser Goldfinch  4
American Goldfinch  30
House Sparrow  2

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