Posted by: atowhee | September 28, 2011


We’re not going to explore bumper-STICKERS.  We’re not going to catalog all those cartoony gummed-label thuings you can put on the back of the envelope to mail to your grand-daughter.  We’re not even going to worry about that dense fall harvest of natural velcros that stick to sox or shoe laces or pets this time of year.  We ARE going to talk about some of the animals that will STICK AROUND all winter, ignoring the migratory frenzy that sends Turkey Vultures and Rufous Hummingbirds, and critters of all sizes in between, hustling south in fall.  A couple weeks back monarch butterflies were drifiting pass on their way to Pacific Grove or San Luis Obispo. “Our” orioles and grosbeaks and pewees are mostly long gone. 

Studious Steller’s Jay studies this particular peanut to decide if this is the right nut to add to the winer cache.  Jays are in fresh plumage right now and look very bright and fresh as we head into colder and wet weather.  The new feathers are better insulation and more waterproof than the worn rags that made it through the heat and breeding season.  Young jays are getting their very first set of grown-up clothes.

White-crowned Sparrow in white oak near Emigrant Lake.  This bird will stick around here this winter, but it has already left its breeding habitat to arrive here, presumably from eastern Oregon or someplace further north.

Mule deer doe looking at dog and me as we looked back.

Hairy Woodpecker on our suet log.  This one’s pretty regular in our garden:

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